Monster Monpiece and Mind Zero out today

Personally, I’m finding the PS Vita to be the perfect console where my gaming tastes are concerned. If you’re living in the US – today is a very good day to be a fan of the more under-the-radar titles, with two nice releases in the form of Aksys’ Mind Zero and Idea Factory’s Monster Monpiece


It’s likely that neither game will get much in the way of attention – so I thought I’d flag them up here if you’re like-minded and are up for giving them a go.





This one’s a dungeon crawler from Acquire – perhaps better known for their forthcoming Akiba’s Trip: Undead and Undressed which we’ve covered a couple of times.


As with many dungeon crawlers – it’s not the most beautiful of titles, opting instead to put the effort in to the character art and story – with relationships between characters being the main draw. In Mind Zero, the characters themselves are protected by MIND’s powerful spirits which act as a shield of sorts – using your MIND to attack makes you more powerful, but consumes energy. If that energy depletes, you’re left completely vulnerable.


This balancing act is the key to progress through the sprawling dungeons.




Monster Monpiece


This one releases in the US today. Unfortunately we don’t get it here in Europe until next week, so we’ll mark the occasion with a review.


This is a game that’s often misunderstood – while it does have the ‘wanking’ mechanic (touch and pinch your cards then rub them vigorously to power them up) underneath the sexy is a very good, hugely enjoyable card game – that fans of CCG or TCS’s would do well to check out.


Once again, we’ve covered this a few times in the past – most notably for it’s card artwork and also the fact that it recieved some heavy censorship in the West. Regardless of what your opinion is on this aspect – the heart of the game remains intact.

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