Monster Monpiece for Steam launches this Autumn

Extreme rubbing game and Hearthstone harem Monster Monpiece will launch for PC via Steam this Autumn, Idea Factory International announced. 


Originally available digitally for PS Vita, the card-battle game with light RPG elements not only offers players layers of strategy through grid-based battles, but also the opportunity to master the moe through upscaled graphics for a native 1080p experience.




The PC version will not include multiplayer support, however, it will feature the full set of cards and artwork that were available for the game’s original Japanese release. Around 40 of its 350 cards were pulled from the U.S. release due to “intense sexual imagery.” Though the cards in the game are supposed to represent mythical creatures re-imagined as young women, the West tends to focus on the young women more.


Here are the details from Idea Factory International:


Key Features:

– Moe and Monsters in 1080p Experience the world of Yafaniel like never before seen in upscaled 1080p graphics!

– More Moe More Battles Play fast-paced card battles where more than 100 monster girl cards can be summoned, each class coming to life as a 3D chibi model on a battle grid!

– Master the Moe Each card you play can mean victory or defeat – with Skills, Potentials, Fusions, and Aura Bonuses, you have layers of strategy to use in each battle.

– Gotta Rub ‘Em All Level up your cards with the frenetic First ❤ Crush Rub system, wherein your magical prowess can be rubbed into each of the Monster Girls to increase their strength and obtain new artwork for each!

We listed the original Monster Monpiece in our Top 10 Sexy Games For Perverts, so go give it a watch!


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