Moon: Remix RPG adds PS4, PS5 versions

While we’re still waiting for the Steam release of Moon: Remix RPG, Onion Games has announced that the “anti-RPG” is also coming to PS4 and PS5.

These versions also have no release date, with the game’s steam page still stating that it’s “COMING SOON”.

Moon: Remix RPG was originally a Japanese PS1 exclusive, being ported to the Switch over 20 years later. It’s an odd game that clearly parodies classic JRPG tropes in adventure game-style format.

We recommend checking out Moon’s digital manual if you do plan on playing it — the game can be incredibly confusing for beginners otherwise.

Moon: Remix RPG story overview via Onion Games:

One moon-lit night, a young boy is sucked into the depths of his television set.
He falls into a place called ‘Moon World’, and thus begins a search for love in order to recover the lost moonlight.

Here, the mighty hero of Moon World murders innocent animals for experience,
but the boy’s growth comes from saving the souls of the animals and gathering the love in the world.

Yes, in this game, you level up by loving, not fighting.

The inhabitants of this world are all unique. Observe their daily lives and learn where they hide their secret love.

“Now, please, open the door!”

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