Mugen Souls Z Coming on 20th May

The original Mugen Souls was an interesting game. While it had its fair share of issues, the silliness of the whole plot combined with a deep and complicated battle system made for a refreshing title. Its sequel, Mugen Souls Z, came out in Japan last year and it’s quickly approaching to its western release.


The game’s story takes place immediately after the end of the first title. Mugen Souls Z features a new main character, Sylma and her quest to stop the ancient threat to her world. Mugen Souls Z is also getting a limited edition which includes a copy of the game, an art book, a Zodiac Keychain and Syrma’s Awakening Tear-resistant poster.



Mugen Souls Z brings a log of improvements to the table. Moe Killing was replaced with Fetish Poses which drastically simplify the capture process. G-Castles now look like giant robots and no longer require Shampuru to upgrade. Like in the original some elements are likely to be censored for its western release, notably the bathing mini game, but fortunately these don’t really impact the story or gameplay.



For those interested in the game see our review of the original Mugen Souls.


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