Murasaki – Shmup and Puzzle Fusion

 Murasaki – Shmup and Puzzle Fusion

Shoot ’em ups have been long known for their twitch based gameplay. Murasaki tries to do away with this expectation of the genre by introducing puzzle elements into the mix.





You will be able to use the enemies’ attacks against them. By shooting explosive blocks, for example, you can chain them into a bigger screen clearing explosion.


Unlike in other shmups, here your bullets clear the screen of enemy bullets. Be warned, however, your character can only fire a single bullet at a time, so don’t go expecting to fire a barrage of bullets freely. Instead you will have to tactically decide what you wish to clear.



You can play as either Kairi or Satsuki. Kairi moves slower, has a long ranged shot allowing him to clear portions of the screen with ease. At the same time his bomb attack absorbs enemy bullets allowing for an extra line of defence. Satsuki on the other hand moves faster but has a smaller range. She can also bounce explosive blocks farther and she has a more powerful bomb attack which evens things out for both characters.


Murasaki Steam - Gameplay


Launching on Steam on May 13th for $9.99, Murasaki promises to scratch both that cerebral and shmup itch you have been waiting for.


Murasaki Steam Store Page

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