Muv-Luv Kickstarter Updates Incoming

Muv-Luv is a one of the most popular visual novels to date. It starts out as simple romcom but quickly escalates into a military mecha drama. It’s unsurprising that its last year’s Kickstarter managed to break all records for visual novels.



With the game’s Steam release set for this summer, the team behind the Kickstarter have released a huge list of updates.


The official Muv-Luv site is now online. It offers newcomers information about the characters, world, story and goods that are on offer.


Muv-Luv Updates Incoming - Website


Long time veterans may be pleased to know that another title is already in the works. Schwarzesmarken: Kouketsu no Monshou is now available on Steam Greenlight and its just a matter of time before its greenlit. This game follows the exploits of the 666th TSF Squadron in East Germany. If you are interested about finding out what it’s about, you can watch the anime adaptation on Crunchyroll.


Muv-Luv Updates Incoming - Muv-Luv-Schwarzesmarken


Thanks to fan demand, Muv-Luv Extra and Unlimited will both have Japanese language support, so players will be able to choose between English and Japanese text.


The BETA keys for Muv-Luv Extra are planned for early April. Expect a total overhaul from the fan translation, as the majority of the script has been retranslated and improved.


Muv-Luv-Updates-Incoming-Muv-Luv - Salute


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