MvC: Infinite Premium Costumes Release in Bulk Today

 MvC: Infinite Premium Costumes Release in Bulk Today

Capcom has announced that 18 Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite premium costumes will release today, and that you can purchase them individually for $3.99, in packs of 6 for $11.99, or buy a second season pass exclusively for costumes for $29.99, in case you want all of them.


Each character will get a premium outfit, but the rest won’t release until a later date. Infinite hasn’t been performing too well in sales, but I’m sure Capcom will recuperate a fair chunk of the funds through both of the game’s season passes. You can check out the blog post revealing the first 18 costumes here. Of course, the prices will be similar in other currencies, and in the UK they’ll likely be £3.29/£10.99/£24.99 respectively. They might be straight conversions though – who knows? The store will surely go live with them soon, though.


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Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC, and today doesn’t only mark the release of several premium outfits, but of playable characters Black Panther, Monster Hunter and Sigma too. Will you be buying any of the game’s various DLCs?

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