My Hero One’s Justice 2 Interview – Miyazaki-san On Changes From The First Game

Last week I got to sit down with Aoba Miyazaki, a Producer on My Hero One’s Justice 2, during the interview, Miyazaki-san enlightened us on the process when it comes to designing attacks, how movesets have changed from the previous game, and how they balance All Might vs Mineta.



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My Hero One’s Justice 2 Interview:


Rice: What are the main differences between One’s Justice 1 and 2?


AM: Well we’ve completely redone the battle system in ways you’ll be able to see and ways you can’t see! For example the dodge system is better, the sidekick’s Plus Ultra’s and counter attacks – it’s easier to play and characters moves are going to be better.



Rice: How will the implementation of the dash system change combat?


AM: The dash cancel uses up the gauge, so there are different ways of putting together combo moves now. In the previous version there was a limit to the number of times you could do it but now you can use the gauge to put different types of moves together. 


For example, Bakugo’s aerial quirk is now easier to link to an aerial counter attack, it’s now cancelable so you don’t actually have to use the dash cancel to do the combo. Because there are more cancelable moves, it’s easier to use a long range attack as a shield and get around to attack. 


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Rice: How much freedom do you have when you design attacks based on a quirk? With Mineta for example, who you don’t get to see fight much in the manga or anime.


AM: Well we always go back to the manga and check what we’ve done with the character is ok, and we’ve never been told we’ve taken the character in the wrong direction – with Mineta for example what we’ve done with that character got the go ahead from the manga staff.


Rice: In your ideal world, if you could choose one shonen guest character to enter My Hero One’s Justice, who would it be?


AM: I don’t know if people over here know of it but Horikoshi Sensei’s previous, previous manga called Oumagadoki Zoo and there’s a rabbit called Shiina – but I don’t think people here know it!


Rice: How have you changed the character move-sets from One’s Justice 1 to 2? Do you base it on fan feedback or just in-house?


AM: It’s a bit of both, we of course listen to fan feedback, but we also have our own ideas on how to make things better. 


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Rice: Is it hard for you to balance someone like All Might vs someone like Mineta? How do you go about that?


AM: You’re right! You have to work with the character’s abilities – in the manga, All Might is strong across the board, and Mineta is more like a trickster, and there’s no way that he could win in the manga. But you’ve got to balance those and make it feel like if Mineta DOES win then that is a realistic way, so we think ‘If Mineta was going to win against All Might, how would they do it?’ and have it be convincing. 


Rice: Will the story mode have any more animated cutscenes?


AM: Yes! There are more animated cutscenes, including more 3D ones.


Rice: Does the story go past where we are currently in the anime?


AM: It goes up to THE Chisaki scene and has a special ending just for the game, with both a hero and villain version.


It’s good to know that My Hero One’s Justice 2 will feature more animated cutscenes than the first game, and we have clarification that the story will end around halfway through the current season of the anime.



My Hero One’s Justice 2 Gameplay Preview




Footage captured and interview held at Bandai Namco UK Press Event.



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