My Love Story!! Review – One of Anime’s Biggest Hearts (Anime)

My Love Story!! is an anime with a big heart and features a man who is equally as big! Takeo has never been popular with girls but has been a hero to all men due to his huge frame, his strength and his athleticism. His best friend, Suna, has always been popular with girls and Takeo has accepted that next to him, he’ll never get a girlfriend…


That is until he gets a girlfriend himself! Takeo wins the affections of Rinko Yamato when a man tries to grope her on the train, and Takeo forcefully removes him from the carriage. Shy Rinko is instantly swept away by Takeo’s thoughtfulness and bravery, and she soon makes a move on the oblivious mountain of a man. My Love Story!! doesn’t waste any time in setting the leading characters up as a couple, and what follows is one of the most heartwarming, uplifting and genuine love stories I’ve had the pleasure to witness.


my love story!! review

One of the most heartwarming, uplifting and genuine love stories.

If you’re looking for something to fill your body with warmth then My Love Story!! is it and I’ll be honest with you, dear reader, and admit that during the first ten or so episodes I was a bit annoyed by the aimlessness of the show. Upon finishing all twenty four episodes and checking it out again for this review, I came to the conclusion that there is no aimlessness — it’s a journey through one young couple’s first relationship, and it’s wonderful. I can’t dislike this show. Nobody can dislike this adorable show which gives you the fuzzy feeling of the first twangs of love, and it makes for the perfect Spring anime. I fell in love with the cast and this is, hands down, one of the funniest shows I’ve seen — Takeo is a master of comedy, and it had me laughing out loud more times than I could count!


My Love Story!! Review

Takeo is a master of comedy, and it had me laughing out loud more times than I could count!

Madhouse get to flex their muscles and show that they can animate pretty any genre you throw at them, and My Love Story!! captures the design of the manga and brings it to life with the feel and colour that I imagined when reading it. Its soft art matches the warmth of the show, and Madhouse go all-out on body humour and Takeo’s massive size. My Love Story!! is bursting with bright colours and there’s no shortage of a budget here — this will be one of the most visually pleasing anime you see. Its kind atmosphere envelops you and it left me sad once it was over, leaving me wanting more of these precious relationships.


My Love Story!! Review
Look, I know what you’re thinking but they’ll make it work!

One thing that I was really interested in checking out in the UK release was the English dub — I had to know how Takeo in particular sounded! Takeo is known to be a gorilla-looking man by others, and Andrew Love has an immense amount of enthusiasm to match Takeo. His grunts and noises are spot on, and his gruff but friendly voice shows the work of both a great voice actor and a great voice director. Tia Ballard and Austin Tindle do equally as well in bringing Rinko and Suwa to life, and I was not left disappointed — the English dub cast should be proud because these castings are near perfect. Catchy opening and ending themes join the soundtrack in all of its upbeat glory, and again the spirit of My Love Story!! has been captured in a way that inspires nothing less than awe.


my love story!! review

You’ll have a smile on your face the whole way.

My Love Story!! began airing at a time where I was a little bit more sour, and a little bit less tolerable of anime where romance was central, hence why I didn’t immediately fall in love with it. However, it didn’t take me too long to realise that a happy show like this is something that not only I need, but is something that everybody could do with more of. I can’t imagine watching this anime now and disliking it, and now it holds a special spot on a list of my favourite anime — it’s definitely one you should watch. It’s twenty four episodes of bliss, and you’ll have a smile on your face the whole way.

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