A Mysterious Unfinished Neo Geo Game Uncovered

What is circulating the internet among the Neo Geo enthusiasts is a newly uncovered game which looks like a prototype for an unknown fighting game. It features beautiful and masterfully drawn artwork and employs some very interesting gameplay mechanics.



A user called NeoTurfMasta, or simply turfamsta recently revealed a never released prototype for a fighting game on Neo Geo forums. He managed to salvage the game’s ROM from the Neo Geo board he bought in March last year. He didn’t think much of it until he decided to fix it enough so it could be booted.



The revealed game  proved to be quite interesting. There are 12 characters with 3 classes available for each. The classes are as follows: chaotic, neutral and lawful. They alter character’s speed, stance, special moves, special bars, and in some cases even the character’s win sprite. A lot of the characters are missing shading or are a pixel art sketch. Still, the author of the post managed to uncover some beautiful pixel artwork for the characters.


The game is in a playable state, after it has been slightly altered by NeoTurfMasta. There are some rather impressive effects, like water and a burning floor with a pentagram.


What is even more intriguing is the fact that the game’s name still remains a mystery as well as the developer that worked so hard on it. Yet this game never saw the light of the day and was abandoned relatively late into the development.


The user NeoTurfMasta has even done a public showing of the newly uncovered game.



In the gallery are sprites that have been ripped from the game’s ROM as well as some screenshots with backgrounds showing.



Source: Neo Geo forums

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