Mystic Messenger Coming Winter 2015

The otome development company, Cheritz, have released the name of their new mobile app game: Mystic Messenger. The news came on June 6th, 2015 from their Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter accounts. They have also released a website for Mystic Messenger that currently consists of a Home page, Information page, and a link to the Cheritz online shop. Available in Korean and English, Cheritz have provided the following synopsis:


Mystic Messenger Coming Winter 2015


The synopsis fits well with the platform, although I’m a little worried about the maturity of the heroine. Allowing a person nicknamed ‘Unknown’ to lure you into a studio apartment… Well, that has dial 999 written all over it! Still, a plot created by Cheritz writers has never let me down before, so I’ll take the summary with a pinch of salt. A lot of information on the game is still missing, including screenshots, system requirements, character introductions and download links. What we do know is that the game will be available for Android and iOS, that voice acting is partially supported, and that the genre is ‘storytelling’ (which I presume to mean a visual novel).



The news of Mystic Messenger has come as a slight surprise, not least since Cheritz’s previous announcements were about a title called Lynn Project. Exactly what happened to this game? Has it been scrapped, or is Mystic Messenger the result of a complete overhaul on old plans? Could Lynn Project still be in the works for a future release date? There are many possibilities but no concrete answers.



Mystic Messenger is set for release in winter, 2015. A Facebook page is now available, and Cheritz has assured fans that more information will be coming soon. Despite being an app, I am still very excited to find out more about this game. It will also be interesting to see, when the app is fully released, how it will fair against otome app publishers like Voltage and NTT Solmare.

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