Let’s celebrate National Lingerie Day!

I have been reliably informed that April 25 every year is National Lingerie Day. Like most of these “national [x] days” I have no idea who came up with this — it’s likely an advertising thing (I suspect Boux Avenue, based on a quick Google), and seems to have started around 2015 or so — but, you know, lingerie is pretty great.

So in a flagrantly transparent attempt to appeal to the horny brigade, we present 6 of the best lingerie CGs from a selection of visual novels from over the years — and provide you with a bit of convenient information about said visual novels, should you find said images in any way appealing.

Let’s lingerie!! Oh, and this post is NSFW, obviously.

National Lingerie Day

This lingerie-tastic image comes from ZyX’s visual novel Amorous Professor Cherry (also known as Binetsu Kyoushi Cherry). Originally released in 2008, the game follows the adventures of Kouta, a student seeking true love with one of three beautiful love interests: social studies teacher Chieri, math professor Mamiko, or fellow student Kiyoka. The image above is of Chieri, who is described as “clumsy yet pure”.

Amorous Professor Cherry features art from Sendoriku, whose art can also be seen in erotic classics such as The Sagara Family and Do You Like Horny Bunnies?, and a narrative from Minakami Tomohiro, who has also brought us the well-regarded Crescendo.

Amorous Professor Cherry is available from JAST USA.

National Lingerie Day

Another one from ZyX, I’m not sure I’d recommend Ring-Out!! to anyone — read up on this early nukige in The History of Lewd if you want to find out more — but it certainly had some lovingly rendered lingerie, both on sort-of-kind-of-love-interest Wildcat here, and on protagonist Aya.

Unfortunately, there’s also a lot of rape, blood, scat, general abuse and horrible unpleasantness in this game, so consider yourself well and truly warned if you do want to indulge yourself in a journey of horrifying discovery.

Ring-Out!! can be played on the Web thanks to the Asenheim Project. We weren’t joking about that extreme content, though.

National Lingerie Day

It’s kind of tricky to find an image of Starless that isn’t massively, grotesquely pornographic, but as it happens this rather fetching image also features some pleasant-looking lingerie for us all to enjoy. As such, it totally counts for our purposes here today. Do take note, though, that Starless is a notoriously hardcore erotic visual novel. It’s regarded by many as a masterpiece of the medium, but also one that demands a fairly strong stomach.

Starless was created by Empress and Seishojo, who previously gave us the erotic classics Bible Black and Discipline. You take on the role of Yukito, who finds himself working a well-paid but demanding part-time summer job satisfying the sexual needs of the women living in an isolated mansion up in the mountains. And their sexual needs are, shall we say, many and very varied.

Starless is available from JAST USA.

National Lingerie Day

One would expect one of the most beloved yuri series out there to have a solid lingerie presence, and indeed A Kiss for the Petals (aka Sono Hanabira) does not disappoint over its many installments. This image hails from A Kiss for the Petals: The New Generation!, which is the opening installment in a spinoff series featuring a different group of students to the core series.

Only a few A Kiss for the Petals titles have been localised to date, and one rather notoriously ran afoul of Steam’s irritatingly inconsistent content policies a while back — so you’re best off buying direct from localiser MangaGamer if you want to support the series and show your interest.

A Kiss for the Petals: The New Generation! is available on MangaGamer, along with two other titles in the series.

National Lingerie Day

Here’s one that’ll separate the mature adults from the cowardly weenies: erotic lingerie x hairy pits. This image hails from ClockUp’s Erovoice! Sexy Voices Lead to a Successful Love Life, a visual novel about erotic voice actresses, and the spiritual successor to their earlier work Eroge! Sex and Games Make Sexy Games.

Our heroine here is Midori Kuroko, who is the founder of the Cuckoo Clock voice acting agency that forms the backdrop to Erovoice’s action. She’s a veteran voice actress and a renowned mentor to younger stars, though despite pushing 40 she’s still single. I suspect you may have the opportunity to change that.

Erovoice is available from MangaGamer.

National Lingerie Day

Finally, while this is the only “all-ages” game on the list — i.e. there’s no explicit sex in it — it simply wouldn’t do to let National Lingerie Day pass by without acknowledging the absolutely stunning amount of gorgeous lingerie in Sting’s amazing dungeon crawling RPG Dungeon Travelers 2. (The header image is also from Dungeon Travelers 2, if you were wondering.)

This image here, depicting the gruff warrior Grishna during what she thought was a quiet moment all to herself, is seen during one of the most endearing scenes in the game; Dungeon Travelers 2 is particularly noteworthy for really humanising all its party members and, despite what this image might suggest, not making them into simple sex objects either.

Dungeon Travelers 2 is crying out for a port to other platforms, as at present it’s confined to PlayStation Vita. You can download it from the PlayStation Store on the Vita while that’s still up and running — or you can brave the second-hand market and try to acquire a physical copy.

I think after six of the best like that I need a cold shower and a lie down, so I’ll throw the floor open to you, dear readers: what games and visual novels have you seen the very best lingerie in?

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