Necrobarista Coming to Nintendo Switch

As its name implies Necrobarista is the perfect cocktail of cyberpunk, bartending and necromancy. The game is heavily inspired by anime and will try to spruce up the typical tropes by adding its own flair.




The game seems to try to innovate on the standard visual novel formula by allowing players to click on specific words in dialog in order to get more information about that. The game is made using the Unity engine and will feature fully 3D models. The art style while inspired by anime has its own style making for one unique looking game.


The team behind Necrobarista is Route 59, an Australian studio known for their cinematic visual novels. The game is planned for early 2018 for PC and Mac. According to Gematsu, Route 59 will bring Necrobarista to the Switch and may look into porting it to PlayStation 4 in the future.


Checkout the original announcement trailer as well as a bunch of cool screenshots bellow.



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