All You Need to Know About Last Night’s Nintendo Direct

I certainly went to bed feeling excited last night, after the 11 p.m. Nintendo Direct! There were announcements about lots of new exciting features for games we already know are on the way, additions to games we already have and even a new game or two! Here is a list of all the biggest reveals.



Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U

– We got a new trailer for Mewtwo, and he looks very good. It even included a nice reference to the first Pokémon movie.
– Out of nowhere, we then got a trailer to reveal Lucas as an upcoming DLC playable character! As a Mother fan, I’m very pleased about this.- New outfits for the Miis will also be made available, based around Mega Man, Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda and other series included in the game.
– Lucas isn’t the final DLC character either, and they want you to vote and help them decide who to do next! That was a really King thing of Nintendo to do, K? It really does Rool.


Mario Kart 8

– For the first time in the series, we’re going to get 200cc! This will be a piece of free DLC. Let’s hope it won’t bring the CPU racers up to Double Dash!! levels of cheating.
– A new trailer for the upcoming DLC pack was released and revealed a female Villager to be playable.
– The game is going to have even more outfits made available through Amiibo, including a very cool Pac-Man outfit.


Project Zero

– While we didn’t really learn all that much about it, it was revealed that they are aiming to get this game out before the end of the year.


Mario Maker

– A new trailer was released to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. and, very excitingly, featured levels created in the styles of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World even going so far as to feature a Hammer Bro. with a brand new Super Mario World design (even though they are absent from that game originally).


Yoshi’s Wooly World

– We got a brand new trailer and the game just seems to look better every time they show more!
– Yarn Yoshi Amiibo were also announced, and in three different colours! They’re also soft and made of yarn, unlike all other Amiibo, which makes them extra nice.


Fire Emblem (3DS)

– We got a new trailer for the upcoming 3DS Fire Emblem game! More details of the plot were also revealed including, very excitingly, that you have the choice to choose sides in a war, which will greatly affect the direction of the story.


Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem

– Despite fans worrying that the game had been cancelled, we got a brand new trailer for it!
– Very little Fire Emblem content was seen (except for about one second of Lucina) and it seems to be set in a futuristic world. The whole trailer was Japanese, but still hugely exciting.



– Several new Amiibo were announced, including Dark Pit, Palutena and Ganondorf.
– A new game called Amiibo Tap will be downloadable for free on the Wii U. Essentially what it is, is a way to play Virtual Console demos. Scanning an Amiibo will give you a random NES or SNES title (one per Amiibo) and you’ll be able to play various ‘scenes’ from that game for a limited time.



– Nintendo’s new IP, Splatoon had some more footage released and a line of Amiibo was also announced for it, which actually makes me want it even more.


Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

– The 3DS will be getting a new Animal Crossing game and it’s one that’s based much more around creativity and design. You work as an interior designer and make homes for the animals based on what they ask you to do.
– Interestingly, a line of Amiibo cards were announced to tie in with this game. It will be interesting to see how common Amiibo cards turn out to be. I also can’t be the only one to be reminded of the eReader?
– A special device for scanning Amiibo with a normal 3DS is scheduled to coincide with the release of this game.


Virtual Console

– For me, the most exciting news of all: Nintendo 64 and Nintendo DS games will start appearing in the Wii U Virtual Console… Starting right away with: Super Mario 64, Donkey Kong 64, Mario Kart DS and WarioWare: Touched!.


Which piece of news has you most excited? Of course that wasn’t everything, I’ve just listed all of the reveals that I consider the ‘biggest’, but maybe the news that will excite you the most was something else! Watch the whole thing below.


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