Nekopara: Catboys Paradise announced (for real this time)

It’s now April 1 in Japan, marking the start of many April Fool’s Day jokes from the Japanese gaming industry. However, Neko Work‘s announcement of Nekopara: Catboys Paradise is not a prank… this time.

Having originally been announced by the company on April Fool’s Day in 2019, the boys only counterpart to the main Nekopara series will release this Summer for free.

Due to the nature of the game’s original “announcement”, Neko Works made sure to confirm that, yes, “[they] are making this game for real”.

Nekopara Catboys Paradise Japanese screenshot

The game’s official website features a story overview and character bios (in Japanese), along with confirmation that it’ll be releasing on Android, iOS, and PC via Steam.

Gaming companies have thankfully moved away from making joke announcements for games that fans would actually want, realising that it often ends up being a bad idea in the long run. Even Square Enix has made a previous Final Fantasy XIV April Fool’s joke real (kinda) with the introduction of school uniform DLC.

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