NeoGeo Pocket Color Selection Volume 1 out now on Nintendo Switch

SNK has released NeoGeo Pocket Color Selection Volume 1 on the Nintendo Switch eShop, featuring a selection of 10 Neo Geo Pocket Color titles.

Priced at £35.99, six of the games featured in NeoGeo Pocket Color Selection Volume 1 are already available separately on Switch. This means that, alongside a solid lineup of fighting games, you’ll also get Metal Slug 1st Mission and 2nd Mission, Dark Arms, and Big Tournament Golf.

Each game can be seen in action during the reveal trailer, which showcases some of the extra features included in the package.

A physical release for NeoGeo Pocket Color Selection Volume 1 is listed as “coming soon” at the end of the trailer. With the collection being titled “volume 1”, it’s also safe to assume that more Neo Geo Pocket Color games will be releasing on Switch in the future.

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