Neptunia Virtual Stars adds playable Kizuna Ai and Towa Kiseki

Kizuna AI and Towa Kiseki are now playable in the English PS4 version of Neptunia Virtual Stars via some newly released DLC packs.

Each vtuber’s DLC pack costs £4.99, and includes both the character themself and a bonus story chapter. Kizuna AI and Towa also have an extra costume available for purchase, priced at £1.69 each. All of this is planned for the Steam version of Neptunia Virtual Stars at a later date.

Neptunia Virtual Stars Towa Kiseki DLC

If that wasn’t enough vtuber DLC, then there’s also an obscene amount of “Bonus Packs”, priced at £3.29 on PS4 and £2.89 on Steam. Each of the 20 total DLC packs offer some minor cosmetics and items based on various vtubers.

Considering Neptunia Virtual Stars’ premise, it’s not a huge surprise that the developers would try to cram in even more vtubers. However, there comes a point where you have to ask if adding this much DLC all at once is actually a good idea.

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