NepuNepu Connect: Chaos Chanpuru New Character Trailer

Compile Heart is making a PS Vita exclusive free-to-play card game, called NepuNepu Connect: Chaos Chanpuru. It will feature an all-new heroine called Yurina, so they have released a new trailer to show her story off.




Of course, that doesn’t mean that NepuNepu Connect: Chaos Chanpuru won’t feature Compile Heart’s numerous characters across their multiple well known IPs including Hyperdimension Neptunia, Fairy Fencer F, Omega Quintet and Trillion: God of Destruction. The story will revolve around Yurina as she tries to battle chaos energy in the world.


The game will launch sometime in 2017 as a Vita exclusive in Japan. In case you missed it check out the opening movie trailer below.


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