New Ape Escape Game Teased?

 New Ape Escape Game Teased?

Get your Time Net and Stun Club ready, Ape Escape may be back. Ape Escape might very well be one of the best PlayStation titles and platformers of all time. It was among the first games to make use of both analog sticks of the Dual Shock controller.



Unfortunately, after its 3rd installment, the franchise went on a hiatus with only a periodic spin-off and party game. It was not until this year that Sony teased Ape Escape once again by showing off a humorous photo of a monkey, celebrating the year of the monkey. According to Chinese zodiac the year of the monkey will start on 8 February 2016 and end 27 January 2017. Whether or not this is just a nod to fans or really a sign of things to come we may have to wait for an announcement later this year.


The Ape Escape series has you chasing after cartoonish monkeys, through various time periods, stopping their mischief from changing the future. You lure and capture monkeys using various wacky gadgets. The game uses every button on the controller, with the right stick directly controlling your gadgets.


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