New Astral Chain Gameplay Trailer Impresses

 New Astral Chain Gameplay Trailer Impresses

Let’s be honest, you’d have to be pretty dead inside not to be excited by anything that Platinum Games puts out – and on the strength of this new Astral Chain gameplay trailer that sentiment looks set to continue. Their upcoming Action RPG for Nintendo Switch looks more and more appealing the more we see of it.


Set in the future city of Ark. Astral Chain puts you in command of one of two characters who are part of a special police task force set up to defend the city from an alien threat, pouring out on inter-dimensional portals. This Astral Chain gameplay trailer focuses on the Legion who fight alongside you.



Tethered to you via the titular chain, this combat mechanic is perhaps the most interesting aspect of the game – a tool which you can use in a variety of ways which makes the combat options seem all the more compelling.




Combined with the dark neon colour pallet, Astral Chain looks to be offering a world and an brooding, yet colourful sci-fi atmosphere that we cant wait to be a part of.



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