New Danganronpa V3 Demo is a Side Story Featuring Characters From Previous Games

Spike Chunsoft have announced they will be releasing a New Danganronpa V3 demo. It will be separate from main game, instead featuring characters from Trigger Happy Havoc and Goodbye Despair. 




Makoto Naegi, Hajime Hinata, and Yasuhiro Hagakure will be guest characters in the demo, which aims to show off the new features in V3 without giving away any of the plot. Hopefully, this will show us some of the new trial mini-games that were previously revealed in action! There’s no date for the demo’s release yet, but it can’t be far off with the full game releasing in January!


New Danganronpa V3 demo

New Danganronpa V3 will also have three additional modes outside of the story, similar to how the first two games had the School/Island mode. The first of these modes is board-game style ‘Ultimate Talent Training Plan’, the second is ‘Dangan Benizakedan’ which focuses on communication with the other students, and the last is the dungeon-crawling ‘Dungeon of Despair: Monokuma’s Trial’ mode.


There’s no further details on what these modes involve at this time, but they should make for a great change of pace from the main story. School/Island mode was a bit of a fun, but definitely not everyone’s things. A broader range of extra modes like this should mean there’s something for everyone, as well as providing fun ways to make the game last longer.



New Danganronpa V3: Everyone’s New Semester of Killing will release on 12th January in Japan for PS4 and PS Vita. Thanks to Famitsu for the info!


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