New Details About Code Vein in a Famitsu Interview

The director and the producer of Code Vein gave an interview to the Famitsu about their upcoming action game. We learnt a lot of new information about the game from the discussion! A new gameplay footage was also released during E3 2017, check it out below:



When we look at the trailer, it feels like the game draws inspiration from all over the world. The focus seems to be on the action, but concretely, what kind of system is it?

Director Yoshimura: It’s action oriented but the main character who is a Revenant doesn’t have a shield. So he will have to rely on his dodging skill while attacking.

Producer Iizuka: The enemies (the Lost) are the wreck of former humans. They carry the weapons they had when they were still humans.

Director Yoshimura: During battles against armed enemies, it will be particularly important to read the opponent’s attack and the spacing well.

Even if they seem to be the same, the Lost can carry different equipment?

Producer Iizuka: That’s right. Their characteristics depend on their weapon, so it’s important to remember them.

How is the difficulty?

Director Yoshimura: If you don’t pay too much attention, you can get crushed quickly. We’re trying to make it difficult and satisfying at the same time.

Are there any special attacks?

Director Yoshimura: The major one is that the player uses the Revenant attacks to steal the blood from the enemies. By using this blood, he can unleash a special ability called “Stithy Blood”. It’s like an elemental magic. There are many different “Stithy Blood” abilities but there are many of them that strengthen the character. They can help achieving a preemptive strike, stopping an attack, building a shield, etc. Of course, it consumes blood so it’s better to use it at the right time to be more effective. This sort of variety is the main idea behind the gameplay.

Producer Iizuka: Sucking blood makes a big difference. So it’s also fun to learn the proper time to suck blood. You’ll get to understand the particularities of your enemies by dying and retrying.

It is about dying until finding the weak point of the enemy? 

Producer Iizuka: It’s not a game just about dying . We think it’s important not to tire the player. Even if they lose, it’s not just because of them, but because there was a lot of different things that could have been done differently during the preparation of the battle, or they could be thinking “It wasn’t the right attack”, “It wasn’t the right timing”, “I should have sucked blood at this moment”, etc.  The choice of the character’s buddy is also important.

The buddy is also important. Can we hear more about it?

Producer Iizuka: The buddies have different abilities.  To explore, it’s better to bring a buddy that fits your play style and strengths. And if you lose, you can try bringing a different character with you.

How do you bring a different buddy?

Producer Iizuka: If you ask them, they will come with you.

Is it possible to choose the weapon and the equipment?

Producer Iizuka:  It’s important to equip a “fang” to suck blood but there’s also other weapons and special attacks to equip.

I see. And when you die, how do you restart ?

Director Yoshimura: There are many checkpoints so you can restart relatively easily.

Finally, would you like to say something to the fans ?

Producer Iizuka: We finally announced the platforms for the game. We’ll release new information about the story and the characters, so I hope you’re looking forward to it.

Director Yoshimura:  We’ll also send new details about the game’s system soon, so please look forward to it.



Code Vein releases in early 2018 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.


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