New E3 Fate/EXTELLA Trailer

XSEED announced quite a few games for the west at E3 2016, which we reported on at the time. Among the titles was Fate/EXTELLA, the latest game in the series. Now, XSEED have revealed an E3 Fate/EXTELLA trailer too, to give us a first look at the Musou-style action involved in the game.



Not only does the Fate/EXTELLA trailer give us a good look at some of the Musou-style mechanics on offer, but also introduces us to some of the playable character. It all looks pretty flashy and colourful, with plenty of enemies to tuck into!


New E3 Fate/EXTELLA Trailer 1


The famous Fate series now strikes a path to a new stage with the newest title, Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star. Many fan-favorite characters, including the ancient Heroic Spirits (Servants) summoned by the Holy Grail, make their appearances, with the series being reborn as a high-speed combat-oriented title in which players face off against the enemy and their army in exciting large-scale action scenes. Players can also take some time to enjoy the deep storyline the Fate series is known for.

New E3 Fate/EXTELLA Trailer 2


XSEED will be bringing Fate/EXTELLA to North America on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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