New Guilty Gear Xrd character revealed, plus a ton of new screens

 New Guilty Gear Xrd character revealed, plus a ton of new screens

He’s called Bedman – and looks to be a suitably bizarre creation befitting the series. One criticism you can never level at Arc System Works is a lack of imagination in character creation. Both Guilty Gear Xrd and BlazBlue after it offer the kind of character design and diversity that every other fight to date can only dream of. This is why I’m such a raging Arc System Works fanboy.


Bedman is a boy strapped to a bed. With massive screws through his shoulders. A huge mechanical hand and spiked wheels that are probably not there for petting kittens. Little else is known about him at this stage other than he will attack you by pulling you into his nightmares. He can also plunge those wheels into the ground for them to emerge underneath you.


Bedman art


Rumour has it that Tim Burton is at home somewhere, crying into his coffin and repatedly punching himself in his face for not having thought of Bedman sooner.


To be honest – this isn’t the kind of character I can see myself maining (it’s gonna take some doing for me to go behind Millia Rage’s back) though apparently Bedman will be playable at the next GG Xrd loctest in Japan, so I’ll reserve judgement for now.


Incidentally, Zato-1 will also be playable soon too. If he’s a past favourite of yours, you can see a little more on him in the screens below.


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