New Idol Death Game TV Gameplay Trailer

A new Idol Death Game TV gameplay trailer has been released, showing footage from the playable demo that was at TGS this year. Although there are no English subtitles for this video so far, it’s a great opportunity to see some of the game in action. Meet the seven playable girls in the video below:


Idol Death Game TV is exactly what it says on the tin: a televised death game between idols. Like some wondrous, disturbing hybrid between Love Live! and Danganronpa, Idol Death Game TV seems representatives from 7 idol teams competing in a contest to win the centre position of the Project 47 group, which is all innocent enough, until a hijacking of the Dream of Dream contest sees the losing girls eliminated permanently. There’s even an evil tapir.


Idol Death Game TV gameplay trailer screenshot


Idol Death Game TV releases in Japan for the PS Vita on October 20th.

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