New Judgment teaser footage shared ahead of upcoming announcement

 New Judgment teaser footage shared ahead of upcoming announcement

There are still eight days until the “Judgment Day” countdown timer ends, but it looks like Sega are already sharing some brief teasers for what could potentially be a sequel.

On both the countdown website and the RGG Studio Twitter account, short clips from the first game are being shared. Each one only lasts for a few seconds, ending with a scene indicator.

However, certain clips instead end with “a**_*** No. **”, showing footage that isn’t taken from the original game. On Twitter, the footage is being shared via an ongoing giveaway, which is how we first saw once of these teasers.

In some, we see Yagami fighting against a masked opponent, while another shows him with an unfamiliar character.

At this point, a sequel to Judgment seems more than likely, with later teasers pretty much giving away the fact that this is a new game. More clips could potentially be shared ahead of the May 7 release date, so keep an eye on Twitter and the Judgment Day website.

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