New Little King’s Story Review (PS Vita)

New Little King’s Story is a re-imagining of the first Little King’s Story. It is a quoted, by Yasuhiro Wada (Director), to be a “single-player life sim set in Europe” and is developed by Cing for the PlayStation Vita. The game follows King Corobo on his quest to take back his kingdom from the Devil King, Nightmare.


Beginning with a small run down shack and a handful of jobless citizens to command, the player must earn themselves enough money to construct new buildings and create jobs for their people. This bit is easy, money just rolls in for everything you pick up be it grass, turnips, wood… I wish real life was that simple.


 New Little King’s Story Review


The player can expand their kingdom by killing off boss monsters hidden in the surrounding areas. These are brought to the King’s attention through the use of the town’s suggestion box, I thought this needed a mention because some of the “suggestions” that end up in here are just weird… I had a ninja post me a letter written backwards, the King needs to make some rulings on that box… Geez.


King Corobo is helped along by the “Royal Guard”, this is a selection of citizens, chosen by the player, that can be made to carry out a variety of helpful actions, such as digging to find treasure or fighting monsters.


New Little King’s Story Review


My problem with the Royal Guard is that certain controls can be pretty awkward at times, aiming your Royal Guard in the right direction can be a pain and often you find them running in the complete opposite direction and bashing into a cliff or a signpost, this is more than annoying when there are hoards of Oniis stood about trying to hurt your precious king.


Another issue – as in most games – is the AI. The Royal Guards will happily fall off cliffs or ledges and get stuck at the bottom, aimlessly running into the wall until you move far enough away for them to auto-spawn next to you again, this isn’t too much of a problem, until you’re fighting at the top of the cliff and half your party go AWOL.


New Little King’s Story Review


As well as expanding the kingdom the player also gets to rescue some poor, distressed princess-maidens being held prisoner in beams of light dotted throughout the land. These are pretty useful to have around as each Princess makes their own contribution towards the fight, although they cannot be controlled directly by the player. The King also has the option to romance one of the Princesses which is an adorable addition to the game, and very Harvest Moon-esque.


For me, New Little King’s Story is a nice game, it’s nothing special and doesn’t stand out from the crowd. It’s genre mix is fairly unique but it doesn’t really carry it out well enough, the sim elements are okay but the RPG elements need a bit more work. All in all, it definitely isn’t worth full price but it could be good for those horrible dead game times where no new titles are being released – if you can find it super cheap.

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