New NIS Survival Horror Yomawari

I was very excited for htoL#NiQ: Firefly’s Diary, which aside from a few small shortcomings is one of the most unique and atmospheric games I have played in quite a while. Now Nippon Ichi Software has announced a similarly cutesy yet unmistakably disturbing title known as Yomawari.



You play as a young girl who after a careless moment loses her dog Poro. After she returns home with only a leash her sister decides to go in search. But after she doesn’t return, the little girl takes things into her own hands and goes in search for both her missing sister and Poro.



The town you explore will be vastly different during the dark. Places that were blocked when it is day may be accessible at night. You will use a flashlight in order to explore your surroundings and check those creepy black silhouettes just outside of view.



When a ghost is nearby the screen will start to blur and the girl’s heart beat will speed up. When this happens some actions will no longer be available such as running. At these times it’s your best bet to find a hiding place and hope for the best. Encounters will play out as puzzles, so you will always have to find the best way of evading each spirit.



Along the way you will stumble across items such as: money, shovels and stones, each of which come into play during exploration.


If you are still wondering what the atmosphere will be like, why not check out a small interactive segment on the games official website.



Unlike htoL#NiQ: Firefly’s Diary this game will receive a both physical and digital release exclusively for the PlayStation Vita. Yomawari is scheduled for release on October 29th in Japan.



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