New Pokemon X and Y Details Leaked, including Mega Pokemon

Pokemon X and Y are probably the most anticipated games coming to Nintendo’s 3DS this year, offering some new features including eight way movement and full 3D models. One NeoGaf member has provided information leaked from the next issue of CoroCoro.


Community member Watch Da Birdie said that scans included the re-typing of some Pokemon, such as Mawile, which is now Steel / Fairy, as well as “Mega Pokemon.” Mega Pokemon are forms of existing Pokemon with different abilities, including Absol and Lucario. This is an elegant solution to the soon to be depreciated Dream World, which currently supplies Pokemon with unusual abilities. The new Mewtwo form which was recently revealed is effectively “Mega Mewtwo,” which is as alliterative as it is alluring.


Scans, courtesy of Serebii, have also been revealed:



Other details released include new Pokemon, as well as a planned Torchic GTS promotion. It’ll be holding a mega stone, allowing it to become Mega Blaziken, effectively putting a Speed Boost Blaziken in everybody’s hands. How wise that actually is is anybody’s guess.


How have these “Mega Pokemon,” come about, then? My theory is that the X and Y in the title refer to DNA – specifically, the X and Y chromosomes. The idea of genetically modified Pokemon isn’t one I’m totally down with (unless you can snag Hugh Jackman and evolve him into Wolverine, I guess), though – let us know your theories in the comments below!


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