New Senran Kagura Estival Versus characters revealed

The latest issue of Famitsu has finally unveiled what the new Senran Kagura Estival Versus characters look like – after Marvelous teased out those silhouettes earlier in the week. Estival Versus is the latest Senran Kagura game – following up from Shinovi Versus which has yet to receive a western release, though it is on the cards.



Estival Versus will be releasing on PS4 and PS Vita and, according to Marvelous, will feature Pair Battles and allow for more players to join in multiplayer.


The latest detail on the game focuses on new Senran Kagura Estival Versus characters, Renka Hanabi Kafuru and Sayuri.




Sayuri (which is the elderly lady) is the group leader (possibly grandmother?) who smokes a pipe and also has a massive pipe-cane – presumably not for all nighters and merciless beat-downs.


Renka, the girl in red, is a stick wielding girl who reminds me a bit of Guilty Gear’s Jam Kuradoberi, or am I thinking of Soul Calibur 2’s Talim – or maybe Xianghua…ugh, maybe it’s all three together.




Next up are Hanabi and Kafuru, the last two sisters. Kafuru is the youngest and the butt of Hanabi’s jokes about her breast size. While Hanabi is the Hammer wielding lunatic sitting on top of a massive bomb.


Interesting to see that Kafuru’s dolphin has some kind of crown – suggesting that it’s The King Of The Dolphin’s and so probably shouldn’t have his blow hole taped up.


I’m thinking there may or may not be some kind of aquatic animal abuse theme going on here. And if there isn’t – there should be. Oh yes, and one last thing before I forget, the other new addition to Sernan Kagura Estival Versus characters is the ability to get them both wet AND dirty.


Good to see Takaki-san putting all that next-gen power to good use. Guy’s a legend, seriously.



New to Senran Kagura? You can pick up the Original – along with Life and Hometown Edition, right here!



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