New Tales of Arise trailer showcases final 2 party members

Bandai Namco has shared another trailer for Tales of Arise, detailing two more playable characters that will join Alphen and Shionne in their journey to save the planet Dahna.

Kisara and Dohalim are encounter in Elde Menancia, a diverse region of Dahna. Each character brings their own unique fighting style into battle — Kisara wielding a hammer and giant shield to protect allies, while Dohalim uses speedy attacks and astral artes to quickly deal with enemies.

The trailer also briefly showcased Boost Strikes, attacks performed by two characters that can be used to finish of enemies. Battles are still as flashy as they’ve ever been, even if combat has seen some drastic changes compared to previous entries in the series.

Tales of Arise launches September 10, 2021 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. Various editions were revealed alongside the game’s release date earlier this year, though the more expensive physical editions have long since sold out.

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