New thinner, lighter PS Vita and PS Vita TV announced

Tokyo Game Show is just around the corner but Sony have decided to jump the gun a little and announce some exciting pre-TGS news related to the PS Vita along with a trailer to go with it. 





The New PS Vita Model (WiFi only) will be 20% thinner and 15% lighter than the current model and will come with 1GB of internal memory which doesn’t seem like much but is certainly good news for those who complained about having to purchase a memory card in order to play some games. The screen is now LCD and the device will support better battery life and will use micro-usb for charging. It will be available in 6 colours, yellow, pink, white, grey, lime green and light blue and will launch in Japan, October 10th, no word for outside of Japan yet.

The original model will be getting a new ‘Play!’ pack, the Vita will come with pre-installed games and a memory card as well as 90 days of PS Plus however no launch date for this has been set yet.

PS Vita TV is a six centimeter by ten centimeter box shape device that will allow video and network streaming services on your TV however it also has a PS Vita card slot that allows PS Vita owners to play Vita games on their TV. A feature that will be released in a future update will allow PS4 games to be streamed to another television via Remote Play.

PS Vita TV will launch in Japan November 14th, there will also be a bundle that comes with a Dual Shock 3 Controller. No word of international release.


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