New Zelda Wii U Gameplay

Game Awards 2014 brings us another cool gameplay video. Nintendo didn’t disappoint, as they showed a new video of the Zelda game for the Wii U, of which we were only able to see a glimpse of at E3. This is the first time we see Zelda Wii U in action.




Link is shown scouting the vast area from a cliff accompanied by a beautiful sunset. Using the Wii U controller you can zoom in on the area in the distance. You can then mark a particular place you want to visit which will be shown on the world map. The map’s size seems to be quite big as Link rides Epona to the destination and it was shown to take a few minutes. Epona won’t run into trees in the forest. The developers explained that makes the game more realistic as horses rarely run into trees in real life. The developers promise to include a lot of wild life in the game. And also there will be plants like apples that grow on trees and you will be able to eat them.





The game is set to release in 2015. In addition, Nintendo managed to sneak in that the new Starfox is going to be released before the Zelda next year.



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