Nexon confirms that Final Fantasy XI R is no more

Final Fantasy XI R, a mobile remake/reboot of Square Enix‘s (now PC only) MMORPG, has been officially cancelled by Nexon.

While this is the first time that Nexon has revealed the game’s cancellation, a report by MTN in late 2020 mentioned that development had already ceased.

As reported by (thanks to Gematsu for the relevant English info), development on Final Fantasy XI R was not reaching the level of quality expected from the Final Fantasy series, with staff working on the project being relocated elsewhere.

This wasn’t the first attempt at a Final Fantasy XI mobile title. Final Fantasy Grandmasters, a Japanese-only mobile spin-off, managed to last for a few years before being shut down in 2019.

As for the main MMO, it’s still receiving new updates even now. While it might not be the game that some veterans remember, Final Fantasy XI looks to be sticking around for many more years.

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