Nijisanji open auditions for next wave of English VTubers

It’s only been a month since Nijisanji‘s first wave of English vtubers debuted, but it’s already preparing to add even more to the roster.

Auditions began late last week for both new female and male vtubers. Interestingly enough, the general theme of the female group has already been teased, following an “animal of darkness/heaven” naming scheme. Even their designs have been shown (though they’re partly obscured). On the other hand, the male vtuber auditions feature no pre-release of character designs, so a theme may not have been chosen yet.

Nijisanji EN next wave teaser designs

The female character auditions will end on July 11, with the male ones ending a month later on August 1. Outside of a few obvious requirements (you have to be a fluent English speaker and at least 18 years old), there aren’t any strict requirements for potential applicants.

While it’s interesting to see Nijisanji recruiting so soon, the auditions may have inadvertently confirmed something else. As pointed out by Shinobihost on Reddit, the URL for the female vtuber designs includes “3RD-wave-audition”, potentially hinting at another wave of English vtubers that will debut ahead of these currently recruiting groups.

If you’re unfamiliar with Nijisanji EN’s first group, LazuLight, make sure to check out Rice Digital Editor Pete’s overview of all three members.

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