Ni No Kuni II Collector’s Edition Revealed

Bandai Namco have revealed the Ni No Kuni II Collector’s Edition, with a smaller Limited Edition being produced alongside it. The King’s Edition contains a wonderful plethora of content which makes it one of the best Collector’s Editions to date, and the Prince Edition isn’t too shabby itself!


The content varies between Europe and North America, but I think that Europe has the slightly better King’s Edition. First up are the two European editions, starting with the grand King’s Edition.


ni no kuni II collector's edition


Beautiful, no? Included is a 20cm tall rotating diorama, which also doubles as a music box as it plays the game’s main theme. A vinyl containing the main theme comes complete in a pop-up case, a making-of Bluray, a 148-page artbook, a steelbook, a season pass containing two large expansions and the game itself completes the King’s Edition. It’s going to cost you a hefty £159.99 RRP, but it’s stunning.


The Prince’s Edition, if you wish to pay a little less, is roughly half the price and includes the making-of Bluray, the expansion pass, the steelbook and the game. Both versions come with the pre-order bonus of a special weapons pack.


ni no kuni II collector's edition


If you live in North America, then your King’s Edition is a little different. The music box diorama and the vinyl are replaced by a rotating chibi diorama and a normal CD, and it seems that the artbook will be smaller. I’m not certain on that last bit, but it certainly looks thinner.


ni no kuni II collector's edition


Stores are going live with their pre-orders now, and they’ll be highly limited so make sure you get in fast if you’re wanting either edition! These editions will be available on both PS4 and PC.


Ni No Kuni II: The Revenant’s Kingdom releases on PS4 and PC early next year in the West.

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