Ni no Kuni Movie Out Now, Dragon Quest Coming Soon

Netflix added a brand new Ni no Kuni movie yesterday for Western audiences. The movie, which released back in August 2019 in Japan, tells an original story in the Ni no Kuni world. It’s also been revealed that Dragon Quest: Your Story is heading to Netflix in February.



Ni no Kuni Trailer



Dragon’s Quest: Your Story Trailer



Netflix have been constantly adding more and more anime offerings, and they look to be continuing this in 2020. The two new movies are based on the popular video game franchises of the same name, but tell mostly original stories. Ni no Kuni is an entirely original story, whilst Dragon Quest: Your Story is loosely based on Dragon Quest V and will release on February 13.


Not got a Netflix account? Not a problem, Channel 4 are offering a LOT of free anime!


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