NieR: Automata gets debut gameplay trailer

I’m gonna level with ya. The original NieR is one of my all-time favourite games and my excitement for NieR: Automata is through the roof. This new trailer makes me feel good.
Featuring new leading lady 2B, Automata features fast-paced action and RPG elements like the original did. Despite sharing similarities, NieR: Automata is being developed by Platinum Games rather than the now defunct Cavia. 2B is sporting some killer heels as she slays automatons with Shade-like features – Shades being the enemy from the first game.

Yoko Taro of Drakengard is returning as Director (don’t let Drakengard 3 put you off NieR!) along with amazing composer Keiichi Okabe bringing his beautiful tunes back to the world of NieR. Releasing as a PS4 exclusive, NieR: Automata is aiming to release in 2016.

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