Nier Automata, Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds, Persona 5, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Just Played

This year’s been fantastic so far for Japanese games, and we’ve been playing a whole bunch of it this week at Castle Rice. From new JRPG landmarks like Nier Automata and Persona 5, a delicious otome visual novel in the latest Hakuoki, and enjoying the forbidden pleasures of Switch with the greatest and latest Mario Kart to date.


Nier Automata – Oscar

A hack and slash shmup??


Is Nier Automata just an excuse for Yoko Taro to try and get more people interested in Shmups? It could very well be. The fusion between Yoko Taro’s JRPG chops and PlatinumGames’ action expertise moved the Nier series firmly from an “interested in” to a “must play” for me. It’s like if Bayonetta had more Shoot ‘Em Up elements, the hack and slash being able to be supplemented by gunfire from your Pod at all times. They way they game introduces you to the idea behind the combat is genius, starting off with a literal Shmup segment, telling you how to play it, then getting you out of your flight suit and… the controls are the same.


It’s structured like a JRPG but plays like Bayonetta or Metal Gear Rising. The first route of the game isn’t too long, and I’m currently playing the second route. The mechanical changes aren’t quite as fun to play with, but I’m liking how they can be used for sidequests you didn’t complete the first time around, sometimes making them easier. Allegedly the game gets a lot better on the third playthrough (which seems like a bit of a bizarre thing to say), but if it does then I’m already enjoying it quite a bit.


Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds – Holly



It’s been back to crazy Shinsengumi goodness for me! I’m thoroughly impressed with the abundance of new content Kyoto Winds has to offer, even though starting some of the new routes took some figuring out!


Despite capping the story at the Kyoto arc, Kyoto Winds is by no means a short title. Not sure if it was just due to the order I went about things, but Iba’s route in particular was pretty long! It’s been great discovering new scenes added to this version of the game, and any initial worries it could end up disjointed with all the extra stuff added in were swiftly dispelled.


I’m left longing for the follow up game now though!


Read the review!


Persona 5 Playthrough #2 – Mitch Jay

Them: “Come over” Me: “I can’t” Them: “My rank with Makoto is almost maxed” Me: *above pic*


You know what I’ve been playing. Yup, I’ve been making progress on my second playthrough of Persona 5, armed to the teeth with costume DLC, stats, and equipment from my first playthrough. Over 100 hours clocked in and I’m just as engrossed as ever, and I’m aiming for Platinum!


I’m currently nearing the end of the first dungeon and I’m excited to try and max out all Confidants this time around. Despite carrying my equipment over and the game being a far bit easier, I’m now playing on hard and it doesn’t take a whole lot to almost be defeated in battle. I dated Makoto originally and I’m not sure who I’ll date this time, but it will probably be Hifumi (the girl who plays Shogi). I’m always going to see Makoto as the canon choice now, though.


It isn’t everyday you play a 100 hour or so game and then jump straight back in, but Persona 5 is just that good.


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Natehawke



I’ve had some time off recently so the Switch has been a godsend. Between travelling and being on boyfriend duty ALL OF THE TIME, gaming time has been hard to come by, so being able to fire up some Mario Kart in those little in-between moments is a life saver. Waiting for the bus? Mario Kart time. Long queue at the bank? Mario Kart time. Girlfriend is putting on her face? Mario Kart time. Going to the bathroom? Mario Kart time. I’m only truly alive in the in-between now.


I also have to say that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the truth. Mario Kart 8 was already a sublime racer when it came out on WiiU, but with all the DLC included, new battle mode and the ability to play anywhere, this is the game of the gods. The online is smooth as butter as well, even though we’re all on wonky wifi connections with the Switch. 12/10, please merge it with my body somehow. I want it inside of me.


What have you been playing this week!?

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