NieR Automata heading for Steam Early 2017

At Square Enix’s 2015 E3 press conference we were surprised to hear that NieR was returning, with NieR: Automata for the PlayStation 4, but it was not until today that we got the information that Neir: Automata is coming to Steam, when it finally launches sometime in 2017.


Nier: Automata takes place hundreds of years after the original. The story follows a group of androids, on their way to reclaim earth which is now a machine-driven dystopia.


Emi Evans, the amazing vocal talent behind the sound track of NieR, makes a comeback with NieR: Automata’s theme song. She sings the song in the made-up language used in NieR, while J’Nique Nicole does the English version. Both sound astounding and you should listen to them bellow.




All the videos we have seen until now just touched on the amazing looking combat from Platinum Games. However, we are promised to see some RPG elements next month at TGS.


For those that want to read up a bit on the series you can do so with our 13 part Drakengard and NieR retrospective.

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