NieR Automata New Character and Gameplay Videos

One of the biggest surprises last year wasn’t Shenmue 3, Final Fantasy VII or even the revival of the Last Guardian. It was NieR Automata. After the mediocre reception of the original back in 2010 and the heavily criticized Drakengard 3, we were sure the franchise would be lost in gaming limbo.


NieR is a part spin-off, part spiritual successor to the Drakengard franchise. It takes place in the distant future where all that remains is a bleak rundown world. The game has one of the best written video game stories in a long time, but was often criticized for its mediocre gameplay and subpar graphics.


NieR Automata promises to fix these issues with Platinum Games working as the developer of the title. Combat is quick while dodging is more stylish than ever, as you will effortlessly dance around enemies. This time around the graphics look absolutely stunning, with the effects particularly noteworthy. Fans will be glad to know that the iconic bullet hell sequences are back.


NieR Automata’s story takes place after the final ending of the game and the ending in the novell. The game has you playing as an android who must stop an alien invasion from wiping away humanity. Characters from both the original NieR and Drakengard 3 will be making their way into the game in one form or another.



The new videos were presented today at the NieR concert along with more info about the game’s voice actors. The voice cast for the characters will be Yui Ishikawa for 2B, Natsuki Hanae for 9S and Ayaka Suwa for A2.


NieR Automata Gameplay -Characters Artwork 2B NieR Automata Gameplay -Characters Artwork A2 NieR Automata Gameplay -Characters Artwork S9




If you have never heard of Drakengard or NieR, or just want to get up to speed with the franchise you can check out our retrospective:

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