NieR Automata Has Snatched Noctis’ Sword

 NieR Automata Has Snatched Noctis’ Sword

Square Enix brings us yet another collaboration, this time between NieR Automata and Final Fantasy XV. 2B, the android protagonist of Nier: Automata, can now wield Noctis’ famous sword.




The Engine Blade as it is called, is a sword that was a gift to Noctis from his father for his birthday. The model was imported directly from Final Fantasy XV, as have been the effects and damage display. This sword will also give 2B the ability to perform a special dodge, just like the one in Final Fantasy XV.



While it might seem like just a lighthearted cross-over, whether or not this alludes to something deeper, like the two games being more closely tied together, remains yet to be seen.


Square Enix also promised to bring something from NieR: Automata to Final Fantasy XV in another collaboration. Until then we will have to wait for the launch of the game exclusively for the PlayStation 4, on February 23 in Japan, and early 2017 for the rest of the world.


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