NightCry Extended Gameplay Trailer

As the Kickstarter campaign is drawing to a close we are given a glimpse into NightCry’s horrific world. Watch out where you hide because scissorwalker is a sadistic bastard and he doesn’t just want to kill you but he will find the most disturbing ways to do so. I have just one word for you: the dryer.



We are presented with an interesting mechanic in which you have to manage Monica’s breath. She can walk, run or sprint to a place you appoint her to, but at the same time you will have to look over shoulder behind you and asses how far the enemy is and plan where Monica is going to rest to recover her breath.


Aboard the cruise ship Oceanus you are going to meet other passengers, or what’s left of them. In the trailer Monica finds cell phone that belonged to one of the passengers and uses it to send her cry for help using a network similar to Facebook. This could be an interesting mechanic in the game if used wisely. In addition, you can use the phone as a simple flashlight. There is also a prospect of finding other passengers using the phone. Of course, every fiddling with the phone is potentially dangerous as it will inevitably attract the scissorwalker.




NightCry is planned to be released for iOS and Vita platforms. Kickstarter for the PC version of the game has 5 days to go and hopefully there is still a chance to fulfil it’s $300,000 dollar funding. If you are interested you can find the Kickstarter link below.


NightCry Kickstarter


Be sure to back this project and don’t let this guy down.



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