NightCry Slowly Creeping Into Launch

The developers of NightCry have released a new trailer highlighting what is to be expected in this Clock Tower successor. It is planned to release on 29th March for Steam and Playism.




A year ago Night Cry was announced as a Kickstarter project when Hifumi Kouno, the director behind the original Clock Tower, decided to create a spiritual successor to the famed series. NightCry was successfully funded and the developers have had a steady number of updates throughout the development.



The new trailer looks more polished, presenting an array of characters that will be playable and of course some of the creepy parts. The game will potentially bring many thrills with it’s creepy atmosphere and action elements. The trailer culminates with a somber ending highlighting what was so great with the original Clock Tower – it’s brilliant surprise factor.



Night Cry is a video game in a style of point and click adventure games, but while exploring the environments the player will face the Scissor Walker, the game’s main villain. You are aboard a luxurious cruise liner where a murder occurs and what follows soon after is a turn of events that will bring much terror and nightmares. The only way you can escape is to save yourself and others from the clutches of the Scissor Walker. You will have traps, tools and hiding spots at your disposal.



Clock Tower is one of the forefathers of horror genre and the first game in the series was in many ways ahead of it’s time. We’ve previously covered Clock Tower in a two part retrospective. If you are interested you can check it out here and here.



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