Nijisanji EN announces OBSYDIA, a new wave of English VTubers

LazuLight, the first wave of English VTubers from Nijisanji, has only been around for two months at this point, but already Elira Pendora, Pomu Rainpuff and Finana Ryugu have captured the hearts of VTuber fans everywhere. It’s as if our wholesome big sister dragon, big PP fairy and NSFW feesh have always been with us.

Now, Nijisanji EN has announced its second wave of English VTubers, who form a group collectively known as OBSYDIA, which is fast becoming my least favourite word to type with the number of times I’ve gotten it wrong this morning.

OBSYDIA, like LazuLight, has three members. Petra Gurin is a penguin with an endearingly tomboyish appearance, Selen Tatsuki is a competitive dragon racer — perhaps with some lore crossover with dragon trainer Elira, and most definitely with a mischievous streak — and Rosemi Lovelock is a “rose maiden” with somewhat Gothic tendencies.

It appears that OBSYDIA is intended to be the “darkness” to LazuLight’s “light” in terms of theme, though this doesn’t mean they’re “evil”. Rather, they’re described as “like the moonlight seducing in the darkest night”. Although I feel like the penguin might have just sort of got swept along by the other two a little bit. No bad thing, at least I’m sure she’ll help us all have an ice day.

Petra Gurin is designed by momoco_haru, an illustrator with a beautifully gentle and expressive style. Selen Tatsuki, meanwhile, is designed by Kameshigogo, the same artist as Elira Pendora. Finally, Rosemi Lovelock is designed by abandonrnk, an illustrator who, unsurprisingly, has a definite love for frilly Gothic dresses and the colours black and red.

OBSYDIA is set to debut on Saturday, July 17, 2021 at 7PM Pacific time — that’s 2AM on the 18th UTC or 3AM British Summer Time, so get a pot of coffee on if you want to watch their debuts live. Like LazuLight, the group will be releasing a song as part of their debut programme. It’s known as “Black Out” and is produced by TeddyLoid, the Japanese producer and DJ best known for his work on the Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt soundtrack along with his collaborations with DAOKO (most notoriously for the legendary “Me!Me!Me!“) and various VTubers. Most recently, we saw TeddyLoid on stage with Kizuna Ai and Nyanners, clearly having the time of his life.

OBSYDIA debut single Black Out

OBSYDIA’s YouTube channels are already live if you want to get subscribed to each of the three new girls ahead of time — here’s Petra Gurin, here’s Selen Tatsuki and here’s Rosemi Lovelock. Make sure to keep an eye on the official Nijisanji EN YouTube channel, too.

OBSYDIA are already active on social media, too, and unsurprisingly the fanart is already rolling in. You can follow Petra Gurin here, Selen Tatsuki here and Rosemi Lovelock here.

Welcome to the world, OBSYDIA — we look forward to meeting you!

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