Nijisanji EN “Ethyria” to debut this weekend

Wave three of Nijisanji English has been revealed under the group name “Ethyria”, with its four members set to debut on October 9 at 3PM BST.

Work on this third wave must have been fast, as auditions began in late June — the design for each character had seemingly been finalised at this point though.

New members Enna Alouette, Nina Kosaka, Millie Parfait, and Reimu Endou are all briefly revealed during Ethyria’s debut teaser trailer, including some short voiced lines ahead of their full debuts.

Their debut is also being paired with a song, titled “God sees all” — definitely not ominous at all…

It’s hard not to wonder if Nijisanji is maybe going a little TOO fast with new English members. LazuLight only started streaming back in May, with Obsydia following shortly after in July. Hopefully things will slow down a little after Ethyria, if only to give all three groups time to grow freely.

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