Nintendo Characters Licence Free in Non-Commercial Media

 Nintendo Characters Licence Free in Non-Commercial Media

There has been some controversy in the past regarding what Nintendo will allow its fans to use when producing their own content. This came to a head a while back with many YouTube Let’s Players facing copyright claims from Nintendo. But it seems Nintendo have taken a step back and become more amicable concerning work by fans.


As part of an announcement regarding Nintendo’s involvement with a Nicovideo.JP event Saturo Iwata stated that anyone was allowed to use Nintendo characters for it, and seemed to extend his statement to anything non-commercial.


Nintendo has taken steps recently to show that they understand their fanbase and the good humour a lot of them share about Nintendo’s beloved intellectual properties. Their recent Nintendo Directs are often quite jovial and jokey, with their special E3 Nintendo Direct opening with an anime-esque fighting sequence between Saturo Iwata and Reggie Fils-Aime, Presidents of Nintendo Japan and America respectively. The rest of the Direct was intercut with Robot Chicken skits.


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Now anyone can feel free to make their own Let’s Plays and parody videos without worrying about lawyers coming after them, providing they’re non-commercial, of course. That’s pretty neat. Sail forth, Nintendo.



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