Nintendo Direct Leak Might Spoil Tonight’s Features

Tonight’s Nintendo Direct promises to tell us about some of the upcoming 3DS and Wii U games on the horizon. Pretty standard stuff. There might be no suprises either, if this Nintendo Direct leak from leak is to be believed, and they’ve delivered the goods so far. UPDATE: True


nintendo-direct-leak Nintendo Direct Leak


The biggest pieces of news on the list are probably Monster Hunter Generations, which may be the localised name for Monster Hunter X, the leak of which we discuss more in this post; and SNES games appearing on New Nintendo 3DS, which again we’ve discussed the leak of more over here.


What lies within the “Main Presentation” folder, though? Well, that’s a mystery. It all seems quite believable to us, but we don’t have long until we find out. This Nintendo Direct is due to go out at 10pm UK time.

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