Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase October roundup

Nintendo felt like dropping one more Direct Mini before the year was over, bringing new game announcements, release date updates, and even a demo for one of their upcoming games.

Here’s a quick look at every Japanese game that was shown off during the Direct.

Bravely Default II

As expected, Bravely Default II will be missing its 2020 release window. It’s now launching February 26, 2021, giving Square Enix time to implement changes based on feedback from the demo.

Still, it’s not a huge delay, and the extra time to play through all the games releasing this year is more than welcome.

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

After the Friends of Mineral Town remake, it’s good to see that Marvelous are now working on a brand new Story of Seasons game. As the name suggests, Pioneers of Olive Town seems to have more of a focus on exploration. Instead of simply buying livestock, you can now tame them in the wild, and it looks like the areas you can visit will have a little more life to them.

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town launches March 26, 2021 in Europe, and March 23 in North America. Rune Factory 5 was also shown during the Japanese Direct, set for a May 20, 2021 release.

No More Heroes III

The Direct gave us better looks at the upcoming fight between Travis and heroes from around the galaxy. It looks a lot like the previous games, but with some wildly different alien opponents. This one’s still coming some time in 2021, after being delayed earlier this year.

But, releasing the third game on Switch when the other games aren’t available seemed like a strange choice by Suda51

No More Heroes and No More Heroes 2

…Though clearly he’d already thought about that. Ports for the first two No More Heroes were announced during the Direct, and are actually already available to download. Talk about a quick turnaround.

Part Time UFO

Another cute game from the developer HAL Laboratory, where you stack objects during various part-time jobs. You’ll be stacking boxes, cheerleaders, and even toys based on characters from the Kirby series.

It was originally released on mobile back in 2018, and this latest Switch version is available now on the eShop.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

With Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity less than a month away, Nintendo have released a hefty demo for the game. It’ll contain the entirety of chapter 1, and you can even carry over save data to the full game.

We’d imagine that anyone that’s tried out the first Hyrule Warriors — or any other Warriors game — will probably know what they’re getting into: Battles against hundreds of enemies across large open battlefields. However, Age of Calamity is in the unique position of being a proper sequel to Breath of Wild, detailing the events taking place before Link’s 100 year slumber.

In theory, the October Partner Showcase should be the last surprise Nintendo Direct this year. Then again, this is Nintendo we’re talking about, so who knows what they’ll end up doing for the remainder of 2020.

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