Nintendo Switch OLED model revealed, releasing this October

It might not be the 4k “Pro” version that keeps appearing in rumours every five seconds, but Nintendo has just announced a new model for the Switch.

The catchily named Switch (OLED model) is, unsurprisingly, a version of the Switch with an OLED screen. It does come with a few extras, like an actually useable kickstand and an Ethernet port on the dock — nothing major, but still welcome changes.

However, while OLED screens are excellent (it’s one of the reasons why Vita games looked so nice), the fact that there are no hardware changes elsewhere means that most non-Nintendo titles will still look blurry on the Switch OLED.

The Nintendo Switch (OLED model) will release on October 8, 2021 worldwide, priced at $349.99 in North America — no price has been given for Europe, but expect something around £300/349.99€.

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